Multifunctional drip control equipment
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Multifunctional Drip Control Equipment

1. Auto-adjust the infusing speed according to the set requirement.
2. Auto-alarm when the liquid reaches the warning volume. (E.G., half a bottle.)
3. After finishing the infusion, it can stop the infusion besides alarming.

Technical Index:
1. Transfusion Method: free failing
2. Setting Limit: 
   dripping speed: 1 drop/m-120drops/m
   the total dosage: 1ml-5000ml
   Total time of infusion: 1 minute-24hours
   Warning: 5ml-500ml
3. Precison:
    +/- 2% when the speed is over 10 drops/minute
    +/- 1% when the speed is not more than 10 drops/minute
4. Controlling Method: infrared monitoring,electric automatic valve control
5. Power Consumption: 0.9W
6. The Power Supply: available for both direct and alternating current.
    AC 220V/50HZ DC 4.8/100mA
7. Product size: 110L X 82W X 37H (MM)
8. Weight: 200g (including battery)