Laser Blood Perforator

Brief introduction to Laser Blood Perforator
Laser Perforator is based upon the use of pulse of laser light, of which the wavelength is 2.94μm and the instant temperature would reach around 1K
with extremely short time (no more than 500μs), that ablates (melts) and boil off the cuticle to form a tiny hole, and then realize the collection of blood sample. The laser beam is absorbed by water in the skin resulting in a small puncture in the finger without immediate or lingering pain. The blood and skin not in the laser beam path are not affected by the laser energy. Many users of the device report feeling less pain resulting from the use of the Laser Perforator.
With the use of Laser Perforator, any possibility of infectious disease transmission while drawing blood samples is completely eliminated. It goes without saying that the non contact penetration is a revolutionary breakthrough in clinical medicine. Europe Countries, America and Russia have already adopted Laser Perforator successfully in clinical detection area.
In today's world where blood infectious disease plagues, the Laser Perforator enjoys great popularity among people. 

Work Principle 

Characteristics of laser pulse (wavelength=2.94μm):
1)Near water's absorption peak, it can be absorbed easily by water. 
Being at near-infrared band, its instant temperature is extremely high (1K). Making use of the above two advantages, Laser Perforator controls the amount of output energy, making the operation safe and reliable.

1)No cross infection

Traditional acus-pricking blood collection may have many possibilities to lead cross infection, while using Laser Perforator, the non-contact blood collection,   there   is   no   worry about infection. In particular, the instant high temperature of laser beam will effectively kill the epidermal germs and performs sterilization of skin surface. What's more, the one-off shield isolates the vaporizing material of skin protein, thus completely cutting off the cross-infection channel.
2)No pain & No psychological stress
Laser Perforator collects blood sample by penetrating skin surface in a limited time. The released energy could only penetrate epidermal tissue while keeping away from nerve. That is why the pain effect is minimized. Without lancet, patients' psychological stress is greatly reduced. This is especially good news for infant and children.
3)High-purity sample blood
Laser Perforator output an extremely high-temperatured laser beam, making the pore form protein denaturation (Gel Status) so as to avoid impurity to mix into blood sample. And thereby the high quality blood sample ensures the accuracy of detection.
4)Easier collection process
Unlike traditional lancet which requires personnel having proficient skills, Laser Perforation can be finished just by pressing a button.


Parting structure, airproofed shield Intelligent operating system 
Visual angle adjustable LCD  
Single-hand operation  
No memory effect PLIB


Laser Blood Perforator can be easily deployed in mobile medical treatment sites for finger blood, infants' heel blood or earlobe  blood collection. Multiple types (table type, wall type and parting type) are available.







Power supply


INPUT AC100-240V/50-60HZ OUTPUT DC9.5V/3A

Battery 3.6Ah/7.4V
Laser specification

Laser module

Solid laser



Work style

Single pulse

Pulse energy


Single pulse


Environmental requirements for operation



Relative humidity


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