Surgical Smoke Evacuation

Technology Parameter

blowing rate

100 l/min @ 6mm tube

  Noise                         <50dB(A) 
  Start Control   Manus/Foot/Synchronize
  Suction Adjust                 10%100%
  Stop delay time                         060s
  AC Power      AC90~250V, 50Hz
  Power consumption                        < 350W
  Filter Characteristics

  99.999% @ 0.1-0.2m

  Active Carbon             97% @ 1 year

Product Features  

Surgical smoke evacuator systems are designed to effectively capture and filter surgical smoke to remove odor, particulates, and other potentially hazardous byproducts of electro surgery procedures.

It offers convenience, ease of use, and optimal performance for the hospital operating room, surgery center and clinic, or office setting.

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