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Peak Flow Meter

Product Description
This is a newly developed spirometer. Size of product is 30/50*155mm. This product has passed audit of CE.
Different colors available.
Minimum order amount: 1000 PCS.

Main technical data:
Technical Specification
Material: Recyclable ABS plastic
Accuracy: +(-)10L/min or +(-) 10% of the reading
Repeatability: +(-)5L/min or +(-) 5% of the reading
Altitude effects on Lowers readings by approx. 5% per 1000m
The Peak Flow Meter (decreased air density increases PEF by approx 5% per 1000m
Highest resistance to flow: 0.00384 kpa/L/min@720 L/min
Measurement Range: 50-800 L/min BTPS
Storage Conditions: Temperature: 10-35 C degree; Relative hunidity: 30%-75%
Peak Flow Meter: ENISO13826; ATS/ERS
Performance standards: AS/NZS4237; NHLBI
Frequency response: Profile A/B difference less than 15 L/min/15% (Annex B, EN ISO 13826: 2003)