Veterinary Ultrasonic Diagnostic

Extensive software

Extensive software packages including Abdomen, OB, Cardiology, Tendon, Peripheral blood vessel, Superficial tissue and fetus age table and reports for sheep, swine, bovine, equine, cat and llama
Different OB formula and users defined OB formula available for clinic diagnosis
In single B mode, enlarge the selected area by pressing down the key Zoom in. The enlarged area will be automatically optimized or have Picture-in-Picture display
Cineloop: Hundreds of frame, and dozens of image could be permanently stored
Software upgradeable. Freeze or defreeze image by pressing down footswitch

Advanced features and functions

2- probe connectors for convex probe, linear probe, micro-convex probe and rectal linear probe
Laser printer and Video printer applicable to print out image and reports for lowering down hospitals cost
6-segment slider TGC and overall gain adjustment
USB ports available to transfer image to computer. USB flash disk connectible for sharing information
Biopsy acupuncture

External device ports

USB port for image storage and software update
Video printer and laser printer parts

Dimension: 287 mm(W) 243 mm(H) 216mm(D)
Weight: Approx . 4 Kg

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