VET Pulse Oximeter

General Character

1.       Digital Technology,

2.       Alarm with freely set limit.

3.       Accurate measurement during low perfusion

4.       Anti-Movement, Stable Performance

5.       Built-in rechargeable battery and seat-type charger; Power-Saved Function

6.       Built-in memory card for data memory; connection with computer for downloading data

7.       Bright, Easy-to-Read LED Numerals

8.       Lightweight, Portable

2 parameters: SPO2 + Pulse Rate


1.      SpO2
Measurement range: 0-100%
Accuracy: 2% during 70%-100%
                     3% during 60%-69%

2.      Pulse Rate 
Measurement range: 30bpm-250bpm%
Accuracy: 1 bpm or 2%. Take the bigger one

3.      Visual Displays and Indicators:
SpO2  % display: Red LED. Variable brightness
Pulse Rate display: Green LED, variable brightness
Pulse intensity: Red LED 8 bars
Power Indicator Light: Green; Normal
                      Low Power voltage: Red and Blink
Low perfusion indicator: Red bar

4.      Audio Indicator:
Probe off audio indicator (every thirty seconds)
Pulse audio indicator
Key-pressing indicator
Low power voltage

5.      Environmental Specifications:
Temperature Range: Operating: (0 -- +50)

Transport/Storage: (-40 -- +70)
Relative Humidity:  Operating: 10 C 95%
(noncondensing) Transport/Storage:   0 C95%

6.      Power Requirements:
Input: 98~260 VAC, 50/60Hz

Consumption: <80VA

7.      Keys:
Pellicle keys

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