Surgical dressing
   Gauze series
   Non-woven series
Cotton series
   Bandage series
   Adhesive plaster
Wound adhesive plaster
   First aid Kit
Surgical drape

 Non-woven Series

Non-woven sponge

With or without X-ray detectable thread.
sizes: 5x5cm, 7.5x7.5cm, 10x10cm. 10x20cm-8ply, 12ply or 16ply.
Non-woven face mask

Made of non-woven materials, 3ply, with elastic ear-loop or tie tape, in white, blue or green.
Packing:50pcs/ box, 40boxes / carton

Eye pad

cotton inside, non-woven material outside
55mm75mm,75mm95mm ,80mm

Nurse cap

-Different color available,
-Different size available: regular 21" & 24"
Packing: 100 pc/bag
Surgical Gown

Various type of Surgical gown, Isolation gown, Patient gown.etc are available