Fetal monitor
   Type B Multi-parameter patient monitor
   Type D Multi-parameter patient monitor
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Fetal Monitor

A 5.7-inch, LCD display with a blue screen to show twins¡¯ heart rate, digital display of values of uterine contraction, and waveforms, and with a adjustable LCD viewing angle. 
An independent and friendly menu interface with functional setting, which is direct and easy-operated. 
To preset functional shortcut keys for convenient operation. 
To self-define multi-event labels. 
A 1:1 ratio to display curves and printing curves, in order for direct and convenient reading. 
A thermal array switching printer with high resolution. Functions of the printer include auto detection of paper empty and auto protection of over-heating of the printing head, and with easy installation of paper. 
An impulse ultrasound probe with 7 wafers, combined with a special calculation method of autocorrelation of heart rates, to ensure correct and reliable measurement of fetal heart rates. 
A pressure probe with high sensitivity and wide detection range to effectively measure values of uterine contraction. 
Auto detection of fetal movements. 
An indicating function of signal intensities, to ensure detection position of the ultrasound probe. 
An auto protection function of power cut-off, with a high performance, rechargeable Li-ion battery to ensure continuous monitoring after power cut-off. 
Double selection of network function with RS485 and TCP/IP, which is simply controlled, and is convenient for informatization management in hospitals and for a central monitoring system for fetal data analysis. 
A design of a supply voltage with high performance, self adaptation and wide range. 

Standard Accessories:
 Fetal Movement, Ultrasound Doppler Transducer, TOCO Transduer, Biding Belt, Caster Oil, Record Paper