Laryngeal mask airway
Suction catheter
Anesthesia tray
I.V. cannula
Central venous catheter
Endotracheal tube
  endobronchial tube
  endotracheal tube
  reinforced endotracheal tube
  tracheotomy tube
  reinforced tracheotomy tube
  cuffed reformed ET tube (oral / nasal)
  washable ET tube
  InjectableET tube
  Endotracheal intubation tray
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Suction Catheter

1. Made of non-toxic PVC, medical grade
2. Four kind of connector available with T-type connector,
    Y-type connector, Cap-cone connector, plain type connector
3.Colour coded for size identification
4.Size:5fr / 6fr / 8fr / 10fr / 12fr / 14fr / 16fr / 18fr / 20fr / 22fr / 24fr