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 Blood Lancet

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blood collection needle lancing device
stainless steel blood lancet
There*s a Soft-Touch safety lancet for all of your blood sampling requirement每

l Finger Stick Application

l Glucose Testing

l Microcollection Tube

l Hematocrit Tube

Soft-Touch is a superior safety lancet, it make blood sampling a breeze for the clinician and painless experience for the patient.

To use, simply twist and remove the protective cap from the soft-touch safety lancet and place raised platform end of the lancet to the test site. Gently press the lancet down against test site to activate lancet mechanism. It is just so easy!

n Safety 每the soft-touch safety lancet needle is safely concealed before and after use

n Simple 每directly touch the sampling site and press.

n Mini-pain 每high speed penetration minimizes patient pain, make blood sampling feel like a soft touch

n Innovative 每patented design make blood sampling the easiest and safest method. Needle protective cap and after-use inoperable render safety for patient and clinician.

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Painful: yellow

Unpainful: rose colour; grey; pink rose colour for ladies; grey for ordinary people; pink for child

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