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Auto-destroy luer vaccine syringe
Safety syringe
Insulin syringe
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High pressure syringe
Transfusion bag
Infusion set
3-way stopcock
Heparin cap
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I.V.-Flow regulator
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 Infusion Set

IV-6-5 slip lock IV-6-5 luer lock
IV-6-2 slip lock IV-6-2 luer lock


Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing
Clear, transparent and flexible drip chamber
Moulded latex flush ball injection membrane for intermittent medication
Accurate flow controller
Approximately 15 drops / ml กข 20 drops / ml กข 60 drops / ml
Tube Length : 150 cm , 160 cm , 180 cm , 200 cm
Tube : I.D. : 3.0 mm , O.D. : 4.1 mm
Packing:PE package or paper-plastic package
Options available :
        -  With or without air vented spike
        -  With or without needle
        -  With or without "Y" injection port (Latex or Latex - free)
        -  Injection site meterial with latex or poluisopreme
        -  Luer lock or luer slip connector
        -  With or without flow regulator integrated into Infusion set
           for precise flow control
        -  With or without filter