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 1 Channel ECG


Synchronously acquisition of 12-lead ECG waveforms and printer 3-leads ECG  +  measureement + analysis  report ;
320 x  240 LCD  12-leads  ECG  and  operation  menu  display
store and print the ECG  of  eight patients ;
Powerful filter for AC, EMG and DFT  interference;
AC and DC power supply ,built -in rechargeable battery;
Strily follpw IEC 60601-1  class I, type CF safety standard


Lead:  standard  12 leads; european  leads
Input  Circuit: floating, protection  against  defibillator effect
Calibrating Voltage
:1mv 2%
Sensitivity:auto,5 10  20mm/mV
Recording System:  thermal-array
Power Speed:25, 50mm/s
Safety: standard  IEC class  I ,type  CF
Power Supply AC :220V (110V),50Hz/60Hz,30VA  
                            Dc :14.4V-2000mAh rechargeable battery
Dimensions:  296 mm x 226mm x 66mm
Net  weight:  2.4kg