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 Infusion Pump

Technical parameters

Maximum size of outer shell: 120x140x190mm
Maximum weight: <2.0 kg
Power: (city electricity) 50/60Hz AC85-265V
Fuse: 220v0.2A, 12V2.5A
Maximum power consumption: 25VA, running more than two hours after being charged
Applicable infusion pipe: All ordinary home-made infusion pipe of national standards
Feasible infusion speed range: infusion speed 1-600ml/h
Infusion increment: 1ml/h
Feasible preset infusion volume limit: 1~9999ml or unlimited
Fast infusion volume: 1.0ml (Fast infusion: 600ml/h)
Accumulated infusion volume display: 1~9999ml
Infusion precision:+/-5%
Intravenous infusion speed: 1ml/h KVO rate
Occlusion pressure value: 4-14 psi
Alarm function:1)infusion completion , 2) occlusion , 3)low battery ,
                       4)installation error,  5)infusion pipe air bubble ,6)liquid exhaustion
Screen display: 1)infusion speed, 2) preset infusion quantity, 3) accumulated infusion quantity,
                     4) battery capacity ,5) battery charging indication , 6)AC power indication ,
                     7)infusion completion , 8)occlusion alarm, 9)infusion pipe air bubble, 10)bed number
Battery: rechargeable lithium battery, 7.4V, 1000mAh
Electromagnetic wave (Hertzian wave) protection: Accord with the stipulation of IEC60601-1-2 (1993 edition)
Storage condition: environment temperature  5~50  pressure 70~106kPa, relative humidity 30%~90%
Electrical safety: Accord with the stipulation of GB9706.1-1995