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 Anorectal Stapler

1Technical parameters and Dimensions
Product Code
No. of Staples
Knife Diameter
Color Code
28 33 Black
HYG-34 32 34 Black

     Cut and anastomose prolaposed mucosa tissue around the anal canal and rectum.
     Step to use
    1) Using three clamps to support three points where prolapsed mucosa is less and ectropion mucosa is light, then lead the anal retractor and anal speculum into anus.
    2)The anal retractor and anal speculum in anus will recover the prolapsed hemorrhoid or the mucosa of the anal canal. Remove the anal retractor to let the prolapsed mucosa be in the anal speculum.
     3) Feed the sutural piece through the anal speculum .The suture should be over 3-4 cm far from the dentate line adjusted according to the degree degree of prolapes. By turning the sutural piece, the suture around the whole anal canal can be finished.
     4) Feed the anastomat to make the nail retainer come to the upper end of the purse, then knot the suture on the central rod of the device.
     5) With the aid of the barbed needle, pull out the tail end of the suture from the line-drawn hole of the anastomat.
     6) Draw the purse suture suitably to put the prolapsed mucosa into the cavity of the head of the anastomat and close it. The red dial indication should entered into the green zone and it is suggested to enter into the bottom of the green zone. Open the safety, trigger and cut prolapsed mucosa in the cavity.
     7) To help stop bleeding, keep the closed state of the anastomat for least 30 seconds after triggering. Turn out the anastomat counterclockwise gently for 2-3 turn, and return it back from the part of anal canal. And the operation is finished.

   The suture should be over 4cm far from the denbtate line. And the anastomatic port should be over 2cm
because the low location will cause bleed after the operation, while the high location cause unconspicuous effect. The lowest position of sutured purse should under mucosa. If too shallow, it is easy to rive the mocosa, and too deep, easy to hurt the sphincter.
     The ligated line can¨t be too tight, or it will affect pulling out the line-drawn.
     After the operation, check the anastomotic port by means of the sutural piece. If hemorrhagic spot is found, it should be sutured to stop bleeding.