Products of stent
    Memory Ni-Ti alloy esophagus stent(mesh type)
   Memory Ni-Ti alloy esophagus stent(knitted type)
    Memory Ni-Ti alloy respiratory stent
   Memory Ni-Ti alloy biliary stent
Memory Ni-Ti alloy pylorus stent
Memory Ni-Ti alloy duodenum,colon,rectum stent
Memory Ni-Ti alloy urethra stent
Vena cava stent
Sacculus dilatation catheter
Esophagus cardia dilator
Radiotherapy stent carring 1-25I particle
Memory Ni-Ti alloy knitted stent
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 Radiotherapy Stent Carring 1-25I Particle

product code sent diameter D(mm) stent length X(mm) particle layers particle number in each layer
HTJD11-2080 20 80 3 6
HTJD11-20100 20 100 4
HTJD11-20120 20 120 4
HTJD11-20140 20 140 5
HTJD11-20160 20 160 5

1.guiding hole 2.guiding head
3.particle house 4.stent
5.binding string 6.catheter
7.handle 8.cord ring

Radiotherapy stent is attaching particle housing to the surface of knitted covering stent, put particle I125 in to particle housing with forceps. The method of putting stent is the same as the normal knitted stent.