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Factory: Chenghe Section Heshang Road, Cao County (Qingdao) Industrial  Zone,  Shandong Province, CHINA

    Established in 1993, we are the first  manufacturer of disposable surgical dressings  established in Cao County, ShanDong Province, which is the hometown of China's country flower --PEONY. Our factory has been ISO13485 and ISO9001:2000 certified.

 We supply medical instruments and equipments such as  laryngeal mask airway, aneroid sphygmomanometer, stethoscope, skin stapler, thermometer,  foley catheter, endotracheal tube, feeding tube, stomach tube, I.V. regulator, ECG, patient monitor etc.

    Our products include gauze sponge, lap sponge, W.O.W. bandages, gauze roll, gauze ball, cutting gauze and other disposable medical & products

    As many of our customers not only deal in surgical dressing, but also deal in medical instruments, medical equipment, we also offer medical instruments, medical equipment produced by our partner factories.

    We adhere to the principle of "quality first" and always make efforts to offer our customers the first grade quality products.

    With 30 qualified technicians and engineers, sealed working shops furnished with air-conditioners, we have established our corporation's good reputation and our products have been exported to EEC, USA, MIDDLE EAST , SOUTH AMERICA and many other countries.

     During our export experience of more than 15 years, there has never been one lot of goods that are returned from the customers for inferior quality.

     We believe that our superior quality can build your confidence in us, and our favorable prices can guarantee the co-operation between us.

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